Sketch of Keelham Primary School

Keelham Primary School
Well Heads, Keelham, Bradford, BD13 4HH
Tel: 01274832491 · Fax: 01274833816 · Email:
Headteacher: Miss. D Butler

Staff know pupils very well and ensure that they receive
appropriate intervention and support when needed. OFSTED 2013

Teaching staff and Curriculum responsibilities- September 2017


Name                                            Class                              Curriculum Responsibilities

 Miss Lauren Noble         Foundation Unit                EYFS                 PSHCE

Baseline assessment


Miss Maria Waterhouse     Deputy Head          Year 1/2                   KS1 Assessment






Mrs Lisa Smithson Year 5/6                       English/  Science      MFL ks


Mrs Thompson        Year 3/4               Maths /ICT

Secondary liaison



Miss Debra Butler                     Head Teacher                   Art/RE/DT

Assessment (overall)


Child protection


Key Stage 2 Assessment


Mrs Sian  Hodson                        P/T                                      Art

Support Staff

 Mrs Penny Carhart                                            Specialist Teaching Assistant ( ICT)

Mrs Pam Croft                                                    Specialist Teaching Assistant ( P.E.) /  Crew after school club Manager

Mrs Karen Sutcliffe                                            SEN Teaching Assistant

Miss Paula Drake                                                Support Assistant

Miss Joanne Kopasz                                          Support Assistant

Miss Amy Gray                                                   Parental Involvement Officer/Admin/ Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Jane McMahon                                           Early Years Practitioner

Mrs Katie Watson                                              Admin Manger

Miss Sharon Gilbert                                          Admin Assistant

Miss Victora Reeves                                         Lunchtime Supervisor/ Support Assistant

Miss Tina Riley                                                Crew after school club

Miss Paula Drake                                           Nursery Assistant  /Support Assistant/  Lunchtime Supervisor

Mrs Christy Bartle                                           Lunchtime Supervisor/ Nursery Supervisor

Miss Clare Broadbent                                   Lunchtime Supervisor/ Nursery Supervisor

Miss Emma Atkinson                                    Lunchtime Supervisor / Support Assistant

Mrs Janice Dobbin                                          Nursery Supervisor

Mrs Donna Williams                                       Teaching  Assistant

Mrs Helen Rowe                                              Support Assistant

Mr Brian Mottram                                           Site Manager