Sketch of Keelham Primary School

Keelham Primary School
Well Heads, Keelham, Bradford, BD13 4HH
Tel: 01274832491 · Fax: 01274833816 · Email:
Headteacher: Miss. D Butler

Pupils are happy at school. They say that behaviour is good and they do not
think bullying is an issue. Ofsted 2017

Safety and Security

In our school the safety and security of our children is paramount. The school encourages all parents to ensure the safety of children before or after school by parking safely and walking to meet their children. The school runs a walking bus from Thornton Road each morning to help ease the local parking situation. The school itself is securely fenced and access to the school is restricted to the reception area only during the day when children are present.

Child Protection

Parents should be aware that the School is required to take any reasonable action to ensure the safety of its pupils. In cases where the School has reason to be concerned that a child may be subject to ill-treatment, neglect or other forms of abuse, the School is obliged to follow specified Child Protection Procedures, established by Bradford Area Child Protection committee, and will inform the Social Services of the concern.

Behaviour  -Rewarding the Positive

We insist on high standards of behaviour at Keelham. Good behaviour is promoted in a consistent way in order for the children to feel safe and secure. In turn this allows the school to run in an orderly manner and set the tone for effective teaching and learning. School has a clear set of rules be: Ready, Respectful and  Safe. These apply to all areas of the school and are promoted in a positive way throughout the different year groups.

We actively promote positive behaviour using a range of strategies, including our Dojo system and clever sticks in EYFS. A celebration assembly highlights achievements in all aspects of school life.

On occasions, informal conversations with parents are very effective in changing children’s behaviour as it gives them a clear message that we are working together.

Persistent unacceptable behaviour will lead to further discussions between the Head teacher and parents where the next steps will be decided. Sanctions can include  missing out on privileges and in more extreme cases children may be internally excluded from the rest of their class or externally excluded, for a fixed term period. However, whatever the circumstances we always feel it is important the children understand it is their actions which we consider to be unacceptable, not the children themselves.

We expect all pupils to wear full school uniform and share our pride in the school.

Read our Behaviour policy.

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