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Ofsted Report

As you were made aware school had a visit on the 8th November from OFSTED . As a previously good school we were scheduled for a one day section 8 inspection to determine if school 1) remained GOOD and 2) had effective safeguarding practice.

Attached is the official letter that acts as the final report. As a school we are delighted with the outcomes and very proud of all that was celebrated by Ofsted on the day. I think it reflects well our strengths as a school and how much hard work continues here daily.

Mr John Ashworth – Chair of Governors

On behalf of the school’s governing body, I’d like to extend a big thank you to all pupils, parents, staff and governors who were involved in the recent successful OFSTED visit. I firmly believe that we have a very good school in all respects, so the positive outcome of the inspection was really no more than I expected. Nonetheless, it’s still reassuring to have that view endorsed by OFSTED.

I’m extremely proud to be involved at Keelham – with its fantastic leadership and teaching, extremely enthusiastic, well behaved children and hugely supportive parents, who wouldn’t be? Of course, there’s always room for improvement and we ask for your continuing support as the school takes the next step towards outstanding .

Report – Ofsted Report 2017

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