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We are committed to safeguarding and meeting the needs of all our children.

Everyone is responsible to make sure that children at Keelham Primary School are safe as, “Every Child Matters”.

Designated Safeguarding Lead:

1. Mr R Hunter  (Headteacher)

Deputy D.S.L:

2. Miss M Waterhouse (Deputy Headteacher)

3. Mrs K Watson (Business Operations Manager)

4. Mrs P Croft (HLTA and Keelham Crew Manager)

5. Mrs J Kopasz (Learning Support and Keelham Crew)

6. Miss N Thornton (Keelham Crew)

Our nominated safeguarding governor is Laura Taylor.

Our designated teacher for looked after and previously is Mr R Hunter (Headteacher)

Key Safeguarding Documents

Contact Details

Headteacher: Mr R Hunter

Keelham Primary School, Well Heads,
Keelham, Bradford, BD13 4HH

Tel: 01274 832491 Fax: 01274 833816

Email: office@keelham.bradford.sch.uk