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The children are expected to wear a uniform as follows:


  • Grey skirt/grey trousers
  • Keelham badged sweatshirt/cardigan (red)
  • Bottle green polo shirt
  • Grey socks or red/green/grey tights
  • Black shoes


  • Bottle green polo shirt
  • Keelham badged sweatshirt/cardigan (red)
  • Grey shorts/trousers
  • Red gingham dress
  • Grey/white socks
  • Black shoes or sturdy sandals

Year 6 pupils wear a red polo shirt and bottle green badged sweat shirts.

P.E. uniform


  • Navy Blue tracksuit / white polo shirt
  • Non-slip training shoes  (black, white or navy)


  • Black shorts
  • White polo shirt
  • Black pumps/or additional trainers (black, white or navy)

Children in EYFS are not required to wear P.E kit

In addition to their uniform, children may wear watches and stud earrings but other accessories and jewellery items are not acceptable.
School uniform can be purchased from Embroidery in House.

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Headteacher: Mr R Hunter

Keelham Primary School, Well Heads,
Keelham, Bradford, BD13 4HH

Tel: 01274 832491 Fax: 01274 833816

Email: office@keelham.bradford.sch.uk