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We believe providing pupils with a rich and diverse music education is fundamental to helping to unlock their creative potential. Our music curriculum sets out to allow children a broad range of musical experiences, giving pupils the foundation to explore their talents and passions.

We strive ourselves on teaching the whole music curriculum. We do this by teaching three core subjects, Music Theory with Keyboards, Songwriting with Glockenspiels and Singing, which are delivered across three half terms throughout the year. The remaining three half terms within an academic year will be instrument focused in order to ensure pupils have the opportunity to perform on a variety of tuned and untuned instrumentation from a wide range of different cultures. Children recieve an hour music teaching by a specialist teacher each week.

Core Subjects
•    Singing
•    Music Theory with Keyboards
•    Songwriting with Glockenspiels
Instrumentation Subjects
•    Boomwhackers
•    Electric Drums
•    African Drums
•    Ukuleles
•    Class Jam
•    Percussion
•    Samba Drumming
•    Keyboards
•    Steel Pans

To ensure that the curriculum is progressive and differentiated from year group to year group, the three core subjects pupils will study are year group specific and delivered on a Cycle A and Cycle B.

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